Founded in 2015, Cloudstill provides the UK automotive industry with an innovative customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows vehicle-dealers to leverage the value of their customer data by automating customer communications.

Automation has long been promoted as the next major disruption in the business world, but only recently is the potential being realised and harnessed. Whether through cost or availability, many UK vehicle-dealers have found such technology difficult to obtain and subsequently missed out on a favourable addition to their digital output.

Taking the above into consideration, we looked to change this. Our clients now benefit from the implementation of a fully-configured, yet, cost-effective cloud-based system that is easy-to-use and customer-driven. As a result, clients save both time and manual expense by automating what is arguably a tedious and lengthy process with a digital-data approach that proves to be more efficient and better organised.

With over 13,000 vehicle-dealerships in the UK, it is one of the most competitive industries around. With this in mind, our system helps clients increase customer retention rates through improved after-sales contact care as well as providing the capability to retarget customers’ with accurate and personalised content.

We support those who choose our service every step of the way, providing diligent and meaningful advice wherever necessary and this has lead us to secure clients such as, Ford, Mazda, and Seat.