Vehicle Dealer Features

Your complete online customer solution

See the full-list of features below on how the Cloudstill System can help improve your online communications and the effectiveness of your customer data.

Online Advertising

Through our monthly partnership plans, your business will have full online advertising capability. Allowing your products and services to reach your target market.

Build Relationships

Being able to stay in touch with your existing customer database automatically will allow your business to grow relationships and maintain crucial contact with registered buyers.

Data Capture & Track

Drive qualified traffic from your online channels and adverts to your very own dynamic forms, allowing your business to capture and sync relevant customer data that can be utilised for email automation and tracking.

Goal Conversion

Through automation, you can send information and content to potential prospects based on their interests. Allowing you to softly take your prospects through their relevant buying cycle.

System Features

Dynamic Customer Database

Begin building your very own cloud-based customer database that allows you to create customer profiles filled with any information you wish to collect and store.


Customer Segmentation

Start automatically segmenting your customer data into dynamic lists of your own choosing. This allows you to better group customer demographics and in turn accurately prospect them later down the line by sending them personalised emails based on their relevant interests.

E.g. Age / Location / Vehicle


Online Customer Timeline and Tracking

Your system will automatically track and dock every level of interaction your contacts are having with your business online. Such as, which emails they opened, what links they clicked on, and what webpages they visited, as well as the time spent on them. Allowing you to gain insight and gauge the level of interest.


Automated Emails and Notifications

Remove the manual work by automating all of your email pipelines with professionally designed and branded templates. Send out personalised and automated customer check-ups, review requests (Facebook and Auto Trader), buy-backs, MOT reminders, anything you wish.


Configured After-Sales Relationship Management

Strengthen your customer relationships and loyalty with your own system configured after-sales process. Send automated and personalised thank you emails, social media requests, and newsletters.


Dynamic Website Forms

Implement system-built forms on any of your webpages and allow form submission data to dynamically sync into your database. All forms are totally customisable, giving you the freedom to collect any fields of data you wish to obtain.